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This is a powerful (but long) book. Tony Robbins uses Neuro-linguistic Programming to help you change the way you feel, believe and think about yourself, so you can do more of what you want. It’s really helpful for thinking about the power of emotions, core needs, values and setting goals.  Read more

Quite often when we talk, we make assumptions in the language we use. The meta-model allows us to see patterns in the language, and phrases to test those assumptions. If these patterns are used deliberately then they can be used to influence – so knowing how to challenge them allows the receiver the ability to reduce that influence. ...continue reading "Clarifying Ambiguous Language – the NLP Meta Model"

We have particular standard patterns dependent on our attitudes to the world. You may think are 'the right way' but there are alternatives. What views of the world and the way it works for you, do you have? ...continue reading "Typical fundamental views on this world (NLP Metaprogrammes)"

From the NLP Practitioner by Toby & Kate McCartney

Other ways we influence are by use of phrases and words. You might not be aware of people using them on you and then wondering why some people are able to get you to do things you don’t want to do. Using them to force someone else to do something they don’t want to do for your benefit – is manipulation. Knowing them gives you awareness and choice on how to react. ...continue reading "3 NLP Techniques for influence"

"The negative view of self denies others the gift of oneself"

James Hollis, author

When we don't have confidence, we can fall into the following pit falls, from Dr Robert Anthony's book on the 'Ultimate Secrets of Self Confidence" ...continue reading "5 Tips for Building Confidence"