It’s not what you know, it’s what you remember

Jan Cox

What you do now is heavily influenced by your childhood, and that is influenced by your parent’s childhood and so on. Just like looking at the city, a city grows from its history, the people who lived there and what they did. The ruins are a stark reminder of wars, and conflict. Paris was largely remodelled, so the beautiful boulevards come from a time of tearing down and rebuilding. So, as we look at history, let’s be an observer first. It may bring up memories and emotions. There may be trauma and pain. If it is too much, then pause, and search for help from others. Some trauma might spark the need for therapeutic help.

In this section we will look at:


  • Schemas and Coping mechanisms – the patterns (schemas) that drive your life, and the automatic mechanisms to deal with difficult feelings
  • Breaking Patterns

Healthy Self-Soothing