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When we think about discipline – we often think that punishment is the way to change behaviours. The harsher the punishment, the more the other will listen and learn.

Just think about it? Does that work for you. Which laws do you obey, and which do not? Read more

You want to change. Start something new, but are wavering, not sure whether to take the risk and do it. A simple technique to influence yourself is to do with 'coherence'. That is we desire that what we say and what we do match.

...continue reading "Motivating yourself – how ‘coherence’ helps"

We have particular standard patterns dependent on our attitudes to the world. You may think are 'the right way' but there are alternatives. What views of the world and the way it works for you, do you have? ...continue reading "Typical fundamental views on this world (NLP Metaprogrammes)"