Motivation is your attitude when you would rather do one thing than another at a particular time. Everyone is always motivated, just not for the things you want to be motivated for. You can be positively motivated (towards rewards) or negatively motivated (against pains). To be motivated you need to be convinced that the benefits will justify or outweigh the price you will have to pay for them” (Robert Anthony in his book the Ultimate Secrets of total self-confidence)

When you find a person’s most energetic and ultimate concern, it is there you find their god
Paul Tillich, Lutheran Theologian

In this section we will look at:

Your Core Needs (and Goal Setting)

This affect your motivation, particularly if they are not being met, and also your emotions.

Your Lifescript

This is the story you tell about yourself, and it will have a huge impact on your direction in life. After a crisis or transition, shaping your lifescript will release you from self-limiting beliefs or unconscious sabotage

Your Personality

Knowing this helps you understand the type of person you are and where to adjust or what strengths to build on.

On the way we will also look at:

Overcoming Resistance to Change

Personal Mission Statement