Repeatedly, I have noticed that those patients who experience a deep sense of meaning in their lives appear to live more fully and face death with less despair than those who are devoid of meaning

Irim Yalom

Having meaning is a core to happiness and direction in life. Meaningless allows other symptoms to rush in – alcoholism, depression, obsessionism, delinquency, sexual deviancy, and other deviance  (Yalom). It is a key point to understand the meaning, beliefs, rules, and values we have lived by, and where they come from – so we can change. Having the beliefs is one thing – but are you consistent. Integrity is the reality that you treat everyone by the same set of principles (Covey)

Our Meaning comes from 7 drivers (Yalom)

  1. Altruism – Serving others and giving to charity
  2. Dedication to a cause – “it must, if it is to give life meaning, lift the individual out of himself and make him co-operate as part of a master scheme” (Will Durant)
  3. Self-Actualisation – “Imitation of Christ” (Kempis) or Maslow’s progress toward Good values, Serenity, Kindness, Courage, Honest, Love, Unselfishness, and Goodness
  4. Self-transcendence of the lifecycle – Living for and through your offspring / business / cause
  5. Creativity – Through art, science, teaching, drama, study etc.
  6. Hedonism – Pleasure for the self
  7. Transcendence – To enjoy yourself via helping others

Where do you get your meaning in life? 

What Beliefs (or Rules) do you live by?

What are my Values?

Who am I? My Identity