Holding your head up in this Crisis

These are unusual times. Much of the western world is now barricaded behind their front doors. In some countries list Spain and France the police are forcing people inside.

You might be feeing concerned, anxious, hopeless, fearful or many other emotions. In this post, I want to talk about 3 elements of the psychology of change that can give you insight on how you are feeling, and then five questions on to deal with this.

What’s Your Story? – Bringing a school assembly, roads and recycling together…

They say everyone has a book in them. I wonder what the book in you is? During this national story telling week, perhaps it’s worth thinking about your story – what you tell the world about your journey, purpose and passion. It might be a surprise!

You story might be to help get a job, create a business, refocus your life, or make sense of your past.

Moodboards for Making Decisions

Have you ever sat there with too many choices – and wondering how to decide? One of my friends, James*, was looking to move house, but there were to many components to the choice, so we looked at the idea of mood boards. Create a lifestyle for each house type he was looking for and imagine yourself in that world, and feel the feelings, see the sights and experience it. It helps you know your choices for what you feel comfortable and what is not.


9 Tactics for Influence, from the Mind Gym

Which tactics do you usually use to influence others (and which does your partner use on you)? The team at Mindgym list 9 tactics we  You might find there‚Äôs a mismatch on what you use and what influences them and there may be some that you use at the detriment of others.

Try this exercise twice:

  • Which tactics do YOU use?
  • Which tactics does your partner or boss use?