Unconsciously incompetent.

That’s when you don’t know you don’t know you need to improve. There I was in 2011, having screwed up. I screwed up big time & I needed help, but I didn’t know what I need, how to access it, and my friends, all well-meaning had no idea either.

We were blind leading the blind trying to do the right thing, but not really understanding what the right thing really is. I then spent 2 years reading over 100 books on the subject of how people tick, crises and change. I looked for themes and tips and tools. This website is born from that quest, and is a collection, or anthology of tools, tips and ideas put into a structure that can help regain insight and drive the journey for change.

I have used this collection of resources, plus counselling and training to:

  • Reshape faulty thinking
  • Understand the past
  • Deal with life’s triggers and change the way I communicate
  • Break with past habits and compulsions
  • Reset my approach to relationships and get out of traps and patterns

This hasn’t been easy and there’s stumbles on the way. I see this as a useful collection of tips, checklists, exercises  and resources – a bit like a travel guide to a city, and I’ve pointed to the books, online tests, and other web-sites if you want to dive deeper.

I have taken all the exercises in this (and more) so this is not a ‘teacher’ telling you what’s good but a fellow journeyman helping you on the way. But it’s a continuous journey. So, dip in, take out, and use.

It draws from the wisdom across thousands of years, from many cultures, faith systems, academics and people in the university of life.

I hope you find this resource as useful to your journey, as it has mineThis insight is embedded into the way I work for customers and clients – it’s about breaking through professional growth traps by better planning, thinking product (not project), and personal change.

Welcome to Product Max – Capability to Deliver