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Have you ever found yourself knowing you can achieve more but get stuck. Perhaps you've been in a business or team where the same has happened. Growth traps can hold us back personally, in our careers, and in the businesses we are in from meeting our potential.

Perhaps you are ready for:

  • A career progression
  • A new job
  • A better relationship with your current partner
  • A new relationship
  • Growing your business / Team
  • Meeting growth, revenue or services targets for your team
  • Starting a new business
  • Breaking an old habit
  • Breaking through a crisis 
  • Tackling a compulsive habit 

If we can take away our Growth Traps - beliefs in ourselves, habits, the way we communicate, the way we express feelings, and much more, we are released to meet our potential.

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These are unusual times. Much of the western world is now barricaded behind their front doors. In some countries list Spain and France the police are forcing people inside.

You might be feeing concerned, anxious, hopeless, fearful or many other emotions. In this post, I want to talk about 3 elements of the psychology of change that can give you insight on how you are feeling, and then five questions on to deal with this.

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They say everyone has a book in them. I wonder what the book in you is? During this national story telling week, perhaps it's worth thinking about your story - what you tell the world about your journey, purpose and passion. It might be a surprise!

You story might be to help get a job, create a business, refocus your life, or make sense of your past.

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When I was younger, I felt that job interviews were like oral exams, where you were getting the best marks - and if you got the top marks you got the job. I've been working with a number of people who are looking to change jobs and there is one key attitude that makes the difference in an interview. ...continue reading "What’s your attitude when you go into a sales meeting or job interview"

When we think about discipline – we often think that punishment is the way to change behaviours. The harsher the punishment, the more the other will listen and learn.

Just think about it? Does that work for you. Which laws do you obey, and which do not? Read more

How do you break out of conflict? Have you ever been so angry and cross with a colleague or family member that their very presence makes you angry. In this book they explore how are very actions to correct or punish another person drives them to the very behaviours we don’t want to happen.
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