Typical fundamental views on this world (NLP Metaprogrammes)

We have particular standard patterns dependent on our attitudes to the world. You may think are ‘the right way’ but there are alternatives. What views of the world and the way it works for you, do you have?

(sources, Romilla Ready, NLP for Dummies, Toby McCartney, the NLP Practitioner)


  • Proactive vs. reactive – You take charge and get things one or you are more fatalistic
  • Options vs. procedures – An options person tries out new ways of doing things versus a procedures person who has a preference of following set methodologies
  • Towards vs. away – You are driven towards what you enjoy or away from what you fear
  • Internal vs. external – Internal people decide if they have done a good job or not. External people need others to validate them
  • Global vs. Detail – Some people like the big picture and others see the devil in the detail
  • Sameness vs. difference – You either look for similarities between things or search for the differences
  • Time Perspective – Do you live in the past, present or future
  • Necessity & Possibility
  • Self / Others
  • Optimist / Pessimist
  • In time/ Through time – Living for the moment or planning for the next.

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