A new resolution – finding freedom and joy at work?

After the indulgence of the Christmas period, it’s time for new year’s resolutions. Often it’s about eating and drinking more healthily after the blow out of the last few weeks.

And then it’s back to work. Wait! That’s the biggest single thing most of us do. So how about giving yourself a 30-day resolution. A resolution to find Freedom and Joy at work. 

I’ve been working with my at FuturePerfect to create a free 30 day email challenge, where you resolve to make one of the choices at the end of the challenge. Will you:

  • Reengage with your current work with renewed vigour and purpose (and it may mean making some changes, and asking for changes)
  • Redirect your focus to a new employer (finding somewhere in which you can live your purpose and passion)
  • Reinvent yourself, by shifting your focus or even stepping out in a new career. 

Are you ready to take control of the new decade?

Sign up here

Sign up here . It starts on 5th Jan, and if you join later, it will start when you do.

The Eight Essentials of freedom and Joy at work


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