Growth Traps in Meetings: Automatic Negative Thoughts

I recently spent the morning with Bryan McCrae from Sales Motivations looking at how cognitive behavioural psychology can apply well with meetings and sales teams. There are 10 types of automatic negative thoughts (ANTS) that hold us back in thinking clearly in meetings. If you can catch yourself or notice others using them, it can help uncover assumptions, and life rules that are being made – and might hold back form making clear decisions

9 Tactics for Influence, from the Mind Gym

Which tactics do you usually use to influence others (and which does your partner use on you)? The team at Mindgym list 9 tactics we  You might find there‚Äôs a mismatch on what you use and what influences them and there may be some that you use at the detriment of others.

Try this exercise twice:

  • Which tactics do YOU use?
  • Which tactics does your partner or boss use?