Are you ready to break your Growth Traps?

Have you ever found yourself knowing you can achieve more but get stuck. Perhaps you’ve been in a business or team where the same has happened. Growth traps can hold us back personally, in our careers, and in the businesses we are in from meeting our potential.

Perhaps you are ready for:

  • A career progression
  • A new job
  • A better relationship with your current partner
  • A new relationship
  • Growing your business / Team
  • Meeting growth, revenue or services targets for your team
  • Starting a new business
  • Breaking an old habit
  • Breaking through a crisis 
  • Tackling a compulsive habit 

If we can take away our Growth Traps – beliefs in ourselves, habits, the way we communicate, the way we express feelings, and much more, we are released to meet our potential.

This can affect our business – how long staff stay, winning work, the value of the business, how the leadership team operations

And it can affect our personal life – what we believe we can do, our friends, habits and actions

For 20+ years I have driven change in companies, mainly around technology but success comes from psychological change. Then in the last 7 years I have looked more about the way we tick and realised how intertwined business success and personal success is.

On the way I’ve read over 120 books to distill all this great thinking from business, psychology, science, philosophy, and therapy to bring over 75 tools and techniques that can help you break through your growth traps and your businesses growth traps to achieve more.

Drawing from many coaching and therapeutic techniques, the frame work below give you seven areas of intervention to break you inhibitors to growth, and improve your work, home relationship and personal lives.

Start with the Overviewto learn more.

Some of the pages have an online interactive checklist, so you can score yourself, and it uses a tool called so you can store all your scores and monitor your progress in one place.

This is aimed at giving you a variety of tools, links, ideas and questionnaires to build better insight. However, it is not a substitute for professional support if you are at all feeling like harming yourself or others. You are also best served by having a team around you to make change work – friends, colleagues, self-hope groups or a business coach like myself,  and there are professional counsellors, psychiatrists and therapists out there who specialise particular therapies, addictions or medical support.

So this is here to help you and people supporting you in making the changes you need break through your growth traps?


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