What Stops Good Communication?

Which of these approaches do you use to stop good communication? What does your partner or boss do?

  1. Truth -You insist you are right and they are wrong
  2. Blame – You insist the problem is the other person’s fault
  3. Martyrdom – You believe you are completely innocent
  4. Put-down – The other person is a loser
  5. Denial – You pretend you aren’t angry when you are
  6. Passive Aggression – Staying silent and getting revenge later
  7. Helping- You have solutions, but you don’t listen
  8. Sarcasm – Your tone or words sound hostile
  9. Hopelessness – You give up
  10. Counterattack – You attack with criticism rather than listen
  11. Diversion – you talk about past injustices rather than the problem at hand
  12. Telepathy- You expect the other to be able to mind read what you need, and you’re upset when that doesn’t happen

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(From David Burns, Feel Good Handbook)

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