Building your Personal Brand

The grid below gives a structure for defining your ‘value proposition’ – what makes you special for others. It’s adapted from a general value proposition for business start-ups but is still relevant to the individual. If you can describe yourself in these few boxes it makes it easier to cover introductions or interviews and know what you stand for.

    Examples You
For: Audience Type
  • Marketers
  • Financial Services regulators
  • The oil and gas industry
I Provide: Service name
  • Marketing resource management
  • Treating customer fairly
  • Pipeline management
To address: Customer issues
  • The need to do more with less
  • The need to comply with new regulations
By: Description of the service
  • The Treating Customers Fairly service assesses your current position, then identifies and delivers measurable improvements …
To Deliver: Measurable outcomes
  • Reduced business risk …
  • Reduced cost to serve.
  • Improved process efficiencies …
Unlike Other people / competitors / status quo         

Working for promotion

Checklist for Working for Promotion

  • Draw a strategic plan for your career in 5-year intervals
  • Invest in yourself – get qualifications one step higher than each job you want
  • Become an expert in an area (without becoming a boffin), with general skills
  • Understand yourself, your strengths and weaknesses
  • Increase your productivity and also choose work to get you noticed
  • Manage your boss
  • Look the part and speak the part – be professional
  • Master public speaking and writing well
  • Understand your impact on the organisation – be someone who gets things done
  • Build a support network inside and outside your organisation
  • Go to a job interview each year to see how you fit to the market
  • Avoid burn out – learn to deal with stress, how to say no, and manage conflict. Look for balanced life

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