Finding the right job for you

What is the job or project that’s perfect for you? It’s where your passion, and skills are paid for.

This means having the right attitude and skills for a job. Sadly, we hire on skills and fire on attitude.

Firstly let’s consider looking for a job that suits you

The ‘bible’ for this is Dick Bolles’ book ‘What Colour is your Parachute. He

identifies 7 areas to consider shaping out the kind of job you are looking for. These are described as 7 petals.

Question Answer
1 What are my favourite fields of interest or knowledge?

  • What do you know from previous jobs?
  • What do you know about outside work?
  • What fields, careers, or industries interest you?
  • Any other Hunches, Bright Ideas?
2 What People Environment would you like to stay in

  • What people do you like to be with, and what do you dislike?
  • In terms of people, what kind of people would you like to work with. The ‘holland codes’ are one way: Realistic, Investigating, Artistic Conventional, Enterprising and Social Types (see the section on  People Types)
3 What do I like doing?

  • Think of verbs related to date, people and things? (Like comparing, supervising, setting up)
4 What is your preferred Salary &Responsibility?

  • E.g. What salary do you need for your lifestyle, and what is common for that industry
  • E.g. What level: supervisor, manager, CEO, advisory, director etc.
5 What are your favourite working conditions?

  • e.g. Indoor, outdoor, with people, in a team, in an open office, etc.)
 5 Where do you want to work?

  • How close to home
  • Would you move to a new house?
  • How much travel and how often?
6 What is your mission, vision and values in life?

  • What job can match that?
  • See section Meaning

Next Steps

Finding the right job for you

Understand What the Employer Wants