The meaning of things lies not in the things themselves
but in our attitude towards them

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

We all come with baggage – how we grew up, our family, our friends, and key events in our lives. These have given us models on which to try things, patterns from which we’ve built, and references points when new things happen. It sets the approach we take to coping and the patterns we follow in different situations; these exercises give you a chance to look at your experiences, family, and friends.

Family History

Context – the Genogram

The Genogram allows you look at your family structure

Draw out your family tree, siblings, and the connections they had between themselves and you: A free online tool is here, or a PowerPoint/Word Template


  • Do you see any patterns through the generations?
  • What are the strong and week family relationships?

This genogram provides a reference and background to the family for further investigation.

Family Behaviour

Dysfunctional Family Rules

What are your Key Life Events?