Three Areas to Explore

You can’t change everything at once. But let’s take the three key areas you do want to work on.

This could be:

  1. A bad habit (smoking, eating)
  2. A compulsive behaviour (food, drink, gambling, shopping etc.)
  3. An area of criticism (personal hygiene, language, arguments)
  4. An attitude or temperament (pride, arrogance, anger)
  5. A situation (job, income, career)
  6.  Relationships (communications)
Area to explore How will you know that you have addressed this?

 But what if you don’t want to change? What will you lose by staying as you are?

Will you lose:

  • Trust
  • Reputation
  • Self-respect
  • Marriage / Partner
  • Other Relationships
  • Job Career
  • Strength
  • Purpose 
  • Freedom
  • External self and public identity
  • Wealth & savings
  • Freedom

What is the cost of not changing?


Now you have an idea what to work on, you need the support of those around you to make that change

A Little Help from My Friends