Changing your Lifescript

The way to reset your Lifescript is to look at this point of transition or crisis as the start of the third act of your life.

Typically most stories follow this three act structure:

Exercise – Rewriting your life script

Take a piece of paper and divide it into thirds. Look at your life and write out the first two acts of your life to this point:

ACT 1 : What was the situation that brought you here?

  • Who were the characters
  • What’s your background story
  • What did you plan to do
ACT 2: What is your defining transition to the point now?

  • What changed?
  • What did you do?
  • What did others do?
  • What deep decisions are now ahead of you?

Now this is your big change. Look at ACT three from two perspectives:

  1. What self-limiting beliefs and rules might set Act 3 for you? What might be your ‘default’ path?
  2. What if you could change those beliefs? What if you could change yourself? What would be the new ACT 3, that is the one you will strive for
ACT 3: Overcoming the set back?

  • What did you do differently?
  • What resources did you gain? (new skills, support people)
  • What was the new outcome for you?
  • What in your past, do you see now, prepared you for this positive outcome?