Ego Gets in the Way

(Paul McKenna, Instant Confidence)

The Ego is our view of self. Much of Sigmund Freud’s work was around our ego and how it protects itself. The ego:

So, when we think about identity, habits, triggers, conversations and suchlike, often it is the ego that is trying to defend itself rather than opening communication, finding out about others, and taking risks.

Defence mechanism for the Ego

Which of these different mechanisms do you use when feeling uncomfortable? If you have had a confrontation about a crisis, which of these did you use the response to the accusation?

What's your defense mechanisms?

  • Acting out (food, pornography, alcohol etc.)
  • Compensation: use another less threatening approach
  • Defence devaluation: cover up feelings
  • Denial
  • Displacement redirecting feelings to another
  • Emotional isolation: withdrawal into passivity
  • Fantasy and minimising
  • Intellectualisation: Use of logic to cut off emotional change
  • Isolation / Withdrawal
  • Isolation of effect: you think a feeling but don’t really feel it
  • Projection
  • Rationalisation & Justification
  • Reaction Formation (“I don’t want to hurt you; I love you”)
  • Regression: using old, immature behaviour
  • Repression
  • Sublimation: redirect feeling to socially acceptable
  • Suppression
  • Turning against self

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