Changing Your Reactions to Triggers

Write down in as much detail as possible the trigger that normally occurs

Noting your triggers

What Is the trigger What is the intrusive memory What sensations to do you feel in your body? How well are you able to tolerate it How well can you push it away

How to avoid the trigger

Trigger  How do I handle it now? How do I handle it in weeks or months? Can I gain control over this one now? Is this a trigger I must always avoid?

Reducing your triggers

Ask yourself what is the most distressing trigger or fear and why this affects you?

1. What sensations does this trigger (or flashback) set off in you?
2. How could you re-script this? 
3. If this creates an image or sensation, then look to change that image
4. Reimagine the trigger/flashback again
5. Re-script: Resize the memory as a movie

  • Imagine watching your flashback memory and reduce the image to a small TV screen
  • Practice watching this as often as possible – but slow down the speed and freeze frames – Grey own the colour
  • Now check if this triggers again